Talent is the most fundamental source of enterprise development

Talent is the most fundamental source of enterprise development, the most valuable and dynamic resources, the source of creating value, and the strategic resources to maintain and enhance sustainable competitiveness of enterprise. We are people-oriented, merit-based, and provide a good working environment, fair competition platform and broad career development space, to achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises.

Choosing talent

We measure talent by ability, performance and a sense of initiative, not just by seniority, qualifications and titles. Like all enterprises, we hope to have those who have a variety of professional knowledge, thinking active, logical, with good character and professional ethics, and have certain management experience and coordination ability of compound high-quality talents. We comprehensively measure, both ability and integrity. Those who are capable will go up, those who are equal will give away, and those who are mediocre will go down

Cultivating talent

We insist on cultivating the required talents with a development perspective, supporting and encouraging employees to continuously learn and improve, and actively providing more development opportunities and development space for those with professional knowledge, forging a broad vision, strong entrepreneurship, and excellent professional talents that makes the company more forward-looking and efficient in each of the key changes, and makes the company's progress more stable.

Making good use of talent

We know how to make good use of people, maximize the subjective initiative of talents, use their strengths, avoid their weaknesses, and strive to ensure that people do their best. We continue to broaden the channels for talent selection and appointment, discover, cultivate, exercise and boldly use talents. While making good use of talents, we should achieve extraordinary promotion of talents, keenly discover the individual characteristics of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee. We should give full scope to the talents and they could do their best.

Retaining talent

We respect talents, providing them with a stage to display their talents, a harmonious working environment, challenging work and competitive salary, humanely and sincerely care for them, perfect systems and mechanisms to encourage them and giving them belonging to the sense of achievement that enables employees to work and live happily, and grow together with the company.