PIV5 vaccine platform project

Biao He, Chinese-American, is a distinguished tenured professor at the university of Georgia school of veterinary medicine, and an expert on the "thousand talents program" in China. The project is based on PIV5 carrier platform of proprietary intellectual property rights and the platform for a series of technologies for the preparation of Vero cell-based virus vaccine and 4 projects are derived accordingly, including respiratory syncytial virus vaccine (RSV vaccine), mumps virus vaccine, mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine and rabies virus vaccine.

PIV5 vector is another set of viral vector systems parallel to the world's most popular adenovirus vector. PIV5 circumvents a series of defects of the existing adenoviral vector. Once successfully developed, it will be groundbreaking. Of the four varieties derived from the PIV5 vector platform, the RSV vaccine is still blank around the world. Once successfully developed, it will certainly become a "blockbuster" with billion-dollar sales, whereas all the other three varieties have domestic and foreign demand for product technology upgrading and have considerable market value.