High-tech Heyuan
The benchmark of high-end foreign-style house products in Changchun

High-tech Heyuan is located at 1588 Guanggu Street, covering an area of 107,000 square meters and a building area of 160,000 square meters. The project is located in the commercial and residential supporting core of High-tech area with a planned floor area ratio of 1.07.


The project is adjacent to the 200,000-square-meter Yanyuan City Park, with the planning including foreign-style residential products, underground garages, and detached commercial products. The foreign-style residential area is about 110-350 square meters.


The 5 #, 6 #, and 7 # buildings of the first phase of the Heyuan project have been delivered for occupancy in July 2016, and the second phase of 8 #, 9 #, 10 #, 15 #, 16 #, 17 #, 21 #, 22 #, 23 # has been checked in on October 10, 2017, and all other projects have been completed.


The High-tech Heyuan Project is the fifth-generation of foreign-style houses in the heart of Changchun, which was carefully constructed by High-tech Real Estate. All building materials are top international brands and all cases are entrusted to Vanke Service. Since its entry into the market in 2015, it has been highly recognized by the industry and customers, and is the benchmark of high-end foreign-style house products in the high-tech area and even in Changchun.