Kangda old city reconstruction project - Hairong Plaza
Absorbing talents from five continents and building a century-old landmark

Project basis
In December 2012, the Kangda plot was included in the Changchun Old Town Reconstruction Plan according to the Long Shelf Dangerous Insurance Index [2012] No. 9 document. On October 28, 2015, the bidding of shack renovation was completed, and Changchun High-tech Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was confirmed to be implementation of transformation units.


Transformation purpose and orientation
Purpose: Eliminate hidden dangers, enhance regional image, improve regional functions, create southern landmarks, and improve living environment; orientation: to create a “star hotel, business office, leisure shopping, dining and entertainment, high-end living as one, a new height of complete scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial industry incubation.


Project investment
The project will be carried out in a market-oriented way with the combination of demolition and reform. The total investment is expected to be 20 billion RMB, divided into six stages of development and construction, with a planned cycle of eight years.


Reconstruction and construction content
The total requisitioned area is 450,000 square meters, and the total construction area is 1.3 million square meters. Tiandu Hotel: planned renovation → small and micro enterprise incubation base, Enfu oil seal: demolition → new office building and small business integrated apartment, hotel: InterContinental Hotels Group : Intercontinental Hotel (super five-star) and Holiday Inn Hotel (four-star), office buildings: three super high-rise Grade A office buildings, with 250 m of office building A, 180 m of office building B, and 150 m of office building C, respectively.


Project objectives
LEED gold, green building two stars, Changbai mountain cup, Luban award. The project leads in Changchun for five years, and does not fall behind in ten years.


Planning Indicators
It covers a total area of 43,800 square meters with a total construction area of 543,100 square meters. The above-ground area is 416,100 square meters: office buildings are 304,900 square meters, hotels are 68,700 square meters, commercial areas are 30,700 square meters, underground areas are 127,000, square meters, and overhead floors are 22,000 square meters.


Format planning
The southern area is composed of three super high-rise Grade A office buildings, of which: Tower A is 250 meters, Tower B is 180 meters, and Tower C is 150 meters. The North District is the super five-star Intercontinental Hotel and four-star Holiday Inn of InterContinental Hotels Group.

Hairong Plaza office building B of CCHT, which started construction in June 2017, has 3 underground floors and 42 floors above ground, with a total construction area of 141,300 square meters, 25,000 square meters underground and 116,200 square meters above ground.
Objective: To ensure provincial excellence and strive for national excellence.


Changchun Hairong Hotel, which started construction in March 2018, has 2 floors underground, including the Intercontinental Hotel with 15 floors above and the Holiday Inn Hotel with 22 floors above. The total building area of the hotel is 100,000 square meters, with the two hotels sharing the same podium.
Goal: Lu ban prize