Changchun High-tech Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

As an enterprise group with a certain influence in domestic biopharmaceutical field, CCHT has been assiduously pursuing in product research, production guarantee, marketing management and other aspects and has been continuously exploring and enhancing its enterprise value and connotation.

Currently, it has been increasingly improved in biopharmaceuticals, new product research & development, characteristic real estate and industrial investment, and its core competence has been continuously strengthened. It adheres to the investment holding and strategic management and control mode, implements the industrial strategy with biopharmaceutical industry as the primary and real estate industry as the supplement and encourage the personalized development of enterprise while pursuing the overall coordination and profit maximization.

The pharmaceutical industry sector covers innovative genetic engineering pharmaceuticals, biological vaccines, modern Chinese medicine and other pharmaceutical market segments. In the aspect of the layout of pharmaceutical industry, CCHT insists on the market orientation, forms a product structure with certain technical advantages and market advantages, shapes a good brand image and gradually wins market recognition.

In terms of real estate development sector, by years of market operation, CCHT has constantly innovated its thinking mode and has created a lot of products and business forms such as investment cooperation, self-operation of projects, old city renovation, high-end housing improvement, international Grade A office buildings and star hotels, all of which have become local models in Changchun.