Live Attenuated Varicella Vaccine

The live attenuated chickenpox vaccine of BCHT is suitable for all healthy chickenpox susceptible persons over 12 months of age. After being vaccinated, it can stimulate the body to develop immunity against chickenpox-zoster virus, thereby preventing chickenpox. This product uses the widely used Oka strain as the varicella vaccine strain. The vaccine lyophilization protection agent independently developed by the company is used as the lyophilization protection solution. It is the first vaccine to remove animal-derived gelatin in China and is also the first 36-month live attenuated varicella vaccine to be approved in the world, which not only solves the stability problems faced in the production, transportation, and storage of the vaccine, but also reduces the irritation to the human body and improves safety. In 2018, the product successfully completed the technical upgrade of the cell factory process, and the technical level has reached the domestic leading level, which has further improved the product quality.

The live attenuated chickenpox vaccine of BCHT currently applied for 5 invention patents, including 1 Chinese patent, 4 international patents; 2 appearance patents for products and ancillary products, and 1 utility model patent for ancillary products. In 2018, the company's live attenuated chickenpox vaccine achieved sales revenue of 880 million RMB, and its domestic market share reached nearly 40%.