Rabies vaccine for human use (Vero cells)

The human rabies vaccine (Vero cells) produced by Jilin Maifeng Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BCHT, can stimulate the body to produce immunity against rabies virus after vaccination. It is suitable for emergency treatment of post-exposure immunization after being bitten or scratched by rabies or other crazy animals, and pre-exposure immunization for persons at risk of exposure to rabies virus. This product selects the method of preparing virus stock solution by culturing virus strains on Vero cell micro carriers and prepares by bioreactor culture, which combines suspension culture and adherent culture. It has the advantages of two culture methods and simplifies cell production monitoring and control of various environmental factors. The culture system has good reproducibility, good stability, and greatly improves virus titer.

In 2018, human rabies vaccine (Vero cells) achieved sales revenue of 150 million RMB, with an increase of 184% over the same period last year.