YinhuaMiyanling Tablet

Yinhua Miyanling Tablet is made from ten traditional medicines such as honeysuckle, barbed skullcap herb, polygonum aviculare, Chinese taxillus twig and juncus effuses. It has the efficacy of heat clearing and detoxicating, damp elimination and smoothing showering. It is used for treating acute pyelonephritis, acute cystitis and syndrome of dampness-heat in lower jiao, with symptoms of fever and aversion to cold, frequent urination and urgent emiction, urethral pain or hematuria, lumbago and so on. This drug is currently a proprietary Chinese medicine product with excellent effect for urinary tract infections in China. Since its launch, it has been widely praised by doctors and patients. In 2018, the sales revenue of Yinhua Biyanling Tablets exceeded 200 million RMB.